Overwatch 2 Special Characters

Overwatch 2 Special Characters

Overwatch 2 will feature all the same characters which we’ve come to learn so much about and love in Overwatch 1. On top of this, the game will also feature more characters that we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting in-game before. The game will feature most of the same mechanics which we saw in Overwatch 1 while also introducing many new ones, including a completely new gameplay mode which will help add variety. One of said same mechanics will be the role system which we’ll see returning. Even apart of these roles, there’s a different classification for some characters as well. These characters are referred to as the special characters by a majority of the fans, and Overwatch 2 special characters might be a thing as well. These special characters are just heroes that play a huge role in the game story wise. Overwatch 2 special characters will probably include the following.

  • Doomfist: The leader of Talon and the main antagonist of the first game, Doomfist is definitely an Overwatch 2 special character based on all the influence he’ll have on the story missions.
  • Tracer: One of the only remaining Overwatch members and the cover girl of the franchise, Tracer is obviously a special character in the eyes of fans.
  • Winston: Probably the current leader of the now newly re-established Overwatch, Winston will definitely be an Overwatch 2 special character given that the game is heavily story-based.
  • Reaper: Another one of the main antagonists and probably the most famous character in the franchise, Reaper is definitely one of the Overwatch 2 special characters in the eyes of fans.
  • Soldier 76: With tensions now rising between Talon and Overwatch, and Soldier 76 being the most anti-Talon person in the entire game and the leader of Overwatch before it was disbanded, there’s no way he won’t be an Overwatch 2 special character. He arguably has the biggest bone to pick against Talon out of all ex-Overwatch members, and it’s very possible we might see him get his revenge against Reaper and the rest in the Overwatch 2 story.

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