Sigma – Overwatch 2 Character

It’s obvious that Sigma will be in Overwatch 2 because he was one of the latest characters to have been added in Overwatch 1. Blizzard has confirmed that Sigma is a playable Overwatch 2 character. Here’s what we know about the highly mysterious ex-scientist in the sequel, including Sigma’s official new Overwatch 2 abilities and story presence etc.

Major Changes
Like any other character in the game, the most noticeable change to Overwatch 2 hero Sigma in the sequel is the Talent system. The now crazy scientist will have all sorts of different Talents. These Talents are capable of boosting Sigma’s Overwatch 2 abilities. But don’t get too hyped up about it, as this feature is only present in the story missions which are only PvE and not PvP and his abilities will remain the same as Overwatch 1 in multiplayer PvP.

Other than this change, Overwatch 2 character Sigma will probably see himself get an overhaul to his current Overwatch 1 design.

What this overhaul will look like in the end game is yet to be seen. His talents aren’t officially confirmed either and there haven’t been any leaks either, meaning all those that main Overwatch 2 hero Sigma will have to wait until they can finally learn more about their favorite character.

Sigma’s Story Missions
All those that look to main Overwatch 2’s Sigma will be happy to know that the character will definitely be getting more lore to him. His story/hero missions will focus mainly on him, and perhaps even how he joined Talon or a few of his missions with the group. Sigma is arguably the most intriguing character with the best and most interesting backstory of them all, so his story missions are very awaited and could potentially be the best.

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