Wrecking Ball – Overwatch 2 Character

Wrecking Ball, otherwise known as Hammond, is probably the most adorable character in Overwatch, and also one of the deadliest ones. The hamster is much more dangerous than meets the eye, and now Wrecking Ball is a confirmed Overwatch 2 character as well. Here’s what we know about the presence, role, and abilities of Wrecking Ball in Overwatch 2.

Abilities and Gameplay
There’s not much to discuss about Overwatch 2’s Wrecking Ball when it comes to his gameplay. This is because developers have given us almost zero info about Wrecking Ball’s abilities in Overwatch 2, nor have they shared any updated gameplay footage of the character. Overwatch 2 hero Wrecking Ball has been confirmed to possess the same abilities in the sequel as he did in the original. The only huge difference to get really hyped about is the Talent system which will completely change Overwatch 2 character Wrecking Balls abilities and gameplay for the better when you play as him in PvE missions.

We’ll hopefully get to learn more about these Talents of Wrecking Ball in Overwatch 2 much sooner rather than later. Information about how these Talents will change Hammond’s abilities is exactly what his mains have been waiting for since the mechanic was announced.

Wrecking Ball – Story
Overwatch 2 hero Wrecking Ball was just one of the animals in Horizon Lunar Colony on the moon alongside Winston. He made his way to Earth, but he hasn’t been shown to be interested in joining either Overwatch or Talon. We do know that he is friendlier with Winston compared to most other characters, so there’s a chance that Hammond could lend him and Overwatch a hand when they need it. That is presumed to be his role in the story missions, but we will only get to know for sure when the game finally releases.

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