Moira – Overwatch 2 Character

Moira is one of the many characters that were added to Overwatch after launch, and she was the first antagonist support character in the entire game. Her entire story, personality, and gameplay is some of the most interesting in all of Overwatch. Moira is in Overwatch 2 as well, as confirmed by Blizzard, and here’s everything we’ve been able to learn about her. Read below to find out more about Moira’s Overwatch 2 abilities and other things of importance.

Moira’s New Talents and Gameplay
Moira will obviously be keeping all her abilities from the first game, but she will be getting new ones as well. Moira’s abilities in Overwatch 2 will be much different in story missions thanks to the new Talent system. But unfortunately, just like all the talents of other Talon members in the game, Overwatch 2 character Moira’s talents haven’t been revealed to the public yet. But based on what we’ve seen from the few talents of other characters that have been revealed or leaked, we can surely expect Overwatch 2 hero Moira’s talents to be amazing.

Moira – Story Missions
The most surprising thing of all is the fact that Blizzard has confirmed that each and every single hero will have story and hero missions of their own, meaning that this includes Overwatch 2 hero Moira and other Talon members in the game. This means that we will get to play as the antagonists of the story as well. How the story missions of Overwatch 2 character Moira pan out is yet to be seen, but it is likely that they will be focused on Talon’s side of the story.

There is a chance that we get to play as a younger Moira in the Blackwatch team, but that is unlikely given that Overwatch 2 looks to progress the story further rather than focusing on the past. One thing is for sure though, we’ll finally be able to learn more about Overwatch 2’s Moira when the game arrives. s

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