Echo – Overwatch 2 Character

Confirmed Overwatch 2 character Echo is the latest and final character to be added to Overwatch 1’s brilliant roster. Overwatch 2’s Echo came as a surprise to many when she released in Overwatch 1, as it looked like she was going to make her debut in the sequel rather than the original. Regardless, Echo is a confirmed Overwatch 2 hero and Overwatch 1 hero alike, and here’s what you need to know about her before the sequel releases.

Overwatch 2 Echo Abilities
Overwatch 2’s Echo’s abilities are some of the most powerful in all of Overwatch 1 in the right hands. The Overwatch 2 abilities of Echo will be the same as said powerful abilities in Overwatch 1, as confirmed by Blizzard. This means that there’s no huge change that you can expect to her gameplay, which is actually a good thing if you’ve gotten used to playing as her. We do know that Overwatch 2 hero Echo will have Talents, which are a skill tree type upgrade for her existing Overwatch 2 abilities. Nothing more can be said about them until Blizzard finally gives players more information about the Talents of Echo in Overwatch 2.

Story Relevance
Overwatch 2 character Echo has already been seen in action for Overwatch during the announcement trailer. She has been confirmed to be a part of Overwatch and one of the only active members in the organization after it was reestablished, at least for the time being. She’ll play a considerably big role in the story and we can expect all her missions to focus on her and her Overwatch friends saving people from danger. There’s obviously a lot more to it, but we’ll only be able to know more about that when Overwatch 2 is released.

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