Winston – Overwatch 2 Character

Winston is one of the first characters that we ever saw from the Overwatch world, and he’s obviously one of the main characters as well. Speaking of which, Winston is an Overwatch 2 character as well, which everyone expected. Here’s what we’ve learnt about Winston in Overwatch 2, from leaks and official news alike.

Winston’s New Gameplay Changes
Like all others in the game, Overwatch 2 hero Winston isn’t getting too many changes to himself in the sequel when it comes to PvP multiplayer gameplay. Winston’s Overwatch 2 abilities are going to be the same as his one’s in the original, with only a few minor changes being made to them at most. None of the playable characters in the game, including Overwatch 2 hero Winston, are getting any huge changes when it comes to PvP.

That definitely sounds disappointing as you would expect many changes in a sequel, and that’s where the story missions come in.

Story missions are obviously adding much to Overwatch, but one of the best out of said much is the Talent system which will make the abilities of Overwatch 2’s Winston and all other playable characters much better. You’ll have to stay tuned though, as these talents of Overwatch 2 character Winston are yet to be announced to the public.

What are Winston’s Story Missions About?
Blizzard announced not too long ago that each individual hero will have their own separate story missions which will primarily focus on them. Overwatch 2’s Winston is obviously included in this as well, meaning that we can expect to learn much more about the gorilla Overwatch scientist in the sequel. What these story missions are going to focused on remains to be seen, but there’s more than a good chance they’ll be about him and his Overwatch allies to victory against Omnic and Talon enemies, as that is what his character’s role in the lore.

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