D.Va – Overwatch 2 Character

Overwatch 2 has been announced and we now know for sure that all characters in the first game will be returning as playable characters in the sequel. This includes the iconic and relatable gamer, Overwatch 2 character D.va. D.va in Overwatch 2 has been confirmed and we’ve also gotten to learn a bit more information about her. This includes more details on D.va’s Overwatch 2 abilities along with a bit more. Said information is given below.

Story Relevance
It is now confirmed that every single hero in Overwatch 1 will have exclusive story missions in the sequel, and this obviously means Overwatch 2 hero D.va will be getting her own missions as well. The only thing we don’t know for sure though is her relevance to the main storyline. D.va is definitely a part of Talon as she is made out to be a good guy, but she has no affiliation with Overwatch either. She simply uses her gaming skills to defend her home of Korea. There is the possibility that Talon might attack Korea, pushing Overwatch 2 character D.va to work with Overwatch and stopping them from harming her home.

Changes to Gameplay
Another thing that has been confirmed that Overwatch 2’s D.va’s abilities will remain the same as the original, at least for the multiplayer mode. She will still use her iconic Meka and all her popular abilities, as well as her famous ‘Nerf This’ self-destruct ultimate. But this won’t be it if you use D.va in the story missions, as she’ll have a lot of new abilities in that mode as confirmed by the gameplay trailers. What Overwatch 2 hero D.va’s new story mission abilities are remains to be seen, and all those that main her are definitely hoping that they’re even better than her already great multiplayer abilities. For now, we’ll have to wait a bit to see how Overwatch 2’s D.va will be making her mark in the story missions.

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