Ashe – Overwatch 2 Character

Ashe from Overwatch 2 is one of many damage heroes in the game that you can play as. She is one of the fan-favorites, despite only being added to the Overwatch world relatively recently. She wasn’t available at the launch of Overwatch 1, but Overwatch 2’s Ashe will definitely be playable at launch. Here is everything you need to know about Overwatch 2 character Ashe before the game releases.

Gameplay and Ability
Ashe became a popular character in Overwatch the moment she was released because of her great gameplay and abilities. Her abilities and primary weapon were all quite simple, but they fit into the game perfectly and were very fun to use. If you play her in Overwatch 1, you can rest assured that Ashe’s Overwatch 2 abilities will be the same for most of the part. There’s a very low chance that there will be any major ability changes for her in the sequel, but there are bound to be some minor tweaks that won’t completely change how she plays. Overwatch 2 character Ashe, like all other characters in the game, is bound to receive one major change though.

This major change is going to be for the PvE story mode being added in Overwatch 2. Overwatch 2’s Ashe’s abilities will be different in this mode like all other characters in the game. Overwatch 2 hero Ashe will have many new abilities that are unconfirmed so far. What is confirmed that these abilities will also be upgradable, meaning that Overwatch 2 character Ashe will only get better and better as long as you keep playing PvE with her.

Story Relevance
What we don’t know about Overwatch 2 hero Ashe is her relevance to the story. It has been confirmed that there will be PvE story missions for heroes in Overwatch 2, but how Ashe fits into the grand scheme of Overwatch’s main story is still yet to be seen, as McCree is the only character she has any relevance with.

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